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peace, love, and revolution

her mind is disconnected but her heart is wired

8 August


"Joyous: even though I don't remember meeting her, she truly embodies the definition of her name."
- kylapan

"Joy does lit-bits, because...if Joy were a doll she would be Literary Barbie."
- sunnys_halo

"There's probably nothing built by God or Man that could withstand [her] hips when [she] chooses to swing them."
- gurubob

"[Joy] could take Alcestis in a fight...even if she is the best of women!"
- Sofia

"[Joy]'s an odd individual...cute, but odd."
- William

And, to quote greenfish, "If you can't handle who I am, you don't belong on the ride." Words to live by.

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User Number: 5833
Date Created:2000-06-22
Number of Posts: 1,726

Bleeding-heart liberal grad student, frequent/enthusiastic carouser, philologist, and intellectual hedonist.
Strengths: Latin, Greek, enthusiasm, social awkwardness.
Weaknesses: Marzipan, classicists, bumper stickers, pre-installed Windows games, shot glasses, crazy Hellenistic curls.
Special Skills: Redheaded stepchildhood, quick and dirty translations, eyebrow dexterity.
Weapons: '93 OLD, '02 Liddell & Scott Greek Lexicon, Docs of Doom, deadpan commentary.
Motto: Know thyself and plan accordingly.

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